We’re Firstake Productions, the newest possible addition to your speed dial list!. We’re a quirky team of passionate folks who started Firstake as an umbrella event company when we realised that the mid-sized ballroom event landscape in Bangalore was fragmented and unorganized. For a city home to so many fabulous events, event suppliers lacked timeliness, attention to detail and operational ease. So we set out on a quest to make the world a better place. Ok fine, just Bangalore then. We’ve now built a mini empire where we offer infrastructure, sound, lighting, visuals, trussing, printing and power solutions to event managers, and equipment rental, customized flight case manufacturing and power distribution solutions to folks who operate in the same line of business as us. We pride ourselves on our quality, affordability and lightning-fast delivery.

We have fingers in many pies, and promise to give you a taste of each. Whether it’s a stage show that you’re putting up or gear that you need, think of us. We’ll deliver them to your doorstep, night or day, home or away.

But first, have you added us to your speed dial list yet?

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